Vertical Photos

We have a calibrated aerial survey camera that requires a hole in the belly of a Cessna. This camera assures accurate vertical photography. Mapping larger areas is accomplished by shooting a series of vertical images with uniform overlap for mosaicking with georectifying or orthocorrection.

Oblique Photos

Oblique Aerial Photography is defined as a view from the side of an aircraft at an angle towards the subject rather than directly overhead. Standard obliques are generally shot at altitudes between 1,500 and 3,500 feet above the ground - are a great way to get close-up views that highlight a single building, construction site, intersection, residential development, or small property.


Aerial Photos play an important role in general mapping. Aerial photographs must be prepared in a way that removes distortion from the image. This process is called orthocorrection. Without this process, you wouldn't be able to do such functions as make direct and accurate measurements of distances, angles, positions, and areas.


The Epson Stylus Pro 9800 Ink Jet Printer with UltraChrome K3 Produces a truly consistent image with no color crossover or color cast to create the highest quality color and black & white images.

Aerial Photography

A bird's eye view is not available to many people and when seen, an aerial photo becomes priceless. Consider how you or your business can use aerial photos:

Gifts - An aerial photo makes a wonderful gift that preserves a 'moment in time.' Great for family and friends or for clients.

Websites and Advertising - Color aerial photos on your organization's website portrays a professional presence. Great for business cards.

Real Estate Sales - Nothing shows a waterfront property or acreage better than an aerial view looking down at a 45 degree angle. Aerial photos are essential tools for developers to show everyone from customers to planning departments to bankers.

Campgrounds and Marinas - Aerial photos are the best way to show the sites available for clients and how to get around in the park, as well as an essential marketing tool for advertising and websites.

Construction - A progressive series of aerial photos track the progress from foundation to completion.

Estates, Farms, Orchards, Wineries, Nurseries, and any land operation: An aerial photo is a permanent record of your business activities and shows changes in your land use from year to year.

Golf Courses - Show the layout of the course, plan for future land uses, aerial photos are a great marketing tool.

For Insurance - Capture all the buildings and structures on your property as a permanent record.